We are very sensitive to social and environmental issues.
We have actively engaged with them on various issues since our inception, and now they have
become an integral part of our existence.

We do believe that business has a responsibility beyond its basic responsibility and thus the various
CSR activities that we have been part of and associated with are as follows:

  1. 1. Hingwala Upashray
  2. 2. Pantnagar Upashray
  3. 3. Renowed Chowks
    • a) Jayantilal Parekh Chowk
    • b) Kantilal Master Chowk
    • c) Acharya Tolsi Chowk
  1. 4. Lions Club
    • a) Medical Centre
    • b) Banquet Hall
    • c) Kids Garden
    • d) Outdoor Garden
    • e) Cremation: Gates,
      Road, Walls Structure
  1. 5. Gurukul School
    • a) Computer Lab
    • b) Library
    • c) Corporate Office
    • d) Teachers Room
    • e) Class Room
  1. 6. SVDD School
    • a) Classroom
    • b) 10,000 sq.ft. Courtyard
    • c) Toilets and Water Reservoir
    • d) Banquet
    • e) Corporate Office
  2. 7. Terapanth Bhavan
  3. 8. Terapanth Bhavan - Kandivali
  4. 9. Terapanth Bhavan - Ghatkopar




Commercial spaces that offer strategic locations, convenient access,
imaginative architectural planning and a winning mix of business intelligence and elegance.

With intelligently interpreted spaces that are atmospheric,
aesthetical, functional, we understand and meet every
single need of the new age business icon.


Amalgamating the science-of-art and
science together to make your living
exceptionally blissful, comfortable and
aesthetically pleasing.


Turning your office into a
friendly zone by breaking the
already set walls of creativity
or giving it a makeover that exceeds
thus making the monotonous area into a
friendlier and engaging space.


Spaces that express the aspirations
of every visitor while respecting the
regional nuances.

Our unique design solutions
bring long term value to owners
while welcoming guests with
exceptional experiences.

  • G-5, Manratna Business Park,
    Junction of Derasar Lane & Tilak Road,
    Near State Bank, Opp. Food Spot,
    Ghatkopar (East) , Mumbai – 400 077. INDIA.

    +91 22 2501 5028/29
    +91 22 2508 2030


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